Four tiny houses on the water as special accommodation and location for new initiatives

Green light for Floating Rotterdam, a floating temporary initiative in the Rijnhaven, behind the Kop van Zuid. Sander Waterval is the initiator and has previously realized, among other things, the marina “The Red Apple Marina” in the center of Rotterdam. The first to open, as part of Floating Rotterdam, four Wikkelboats. These sustainable floating 'tiny houses' offer space to entrepreneurs during the day and to anyone who wants to spend the night at a special location at night. The first Wikkelboats will open their doors on 1 July. They can be booked from today.

The four Wikkelboats are moored at a 36 meter long jetty. These are largely self-sufficient and the top is made from 24 layers of recycled corrugated cardboard. Initiator Sander Waterval: “We are very happy that our plan has been given the green light and that we can now contribute to making this part of Rotterdam even more fun and beautiful, together with the municipality and other initiatives in and around the Rijnhaven.“The four Wikkelboats are cleverly designed so that they can be used multifunctionally; during the day as a meeting or lounge area and in the evening you can spend the night with 6-8 people per boat. It is not possible to sail with it, the 'boats' in the Rijnhaven are not designed for that.

A residents' meeting was organized for residents around the Rijnhaven in September 2018. At the time, the plan was to lay a wide jetty along the Wilhelminakade in combination with berths for residents and passers-by, ten Wikkelboats and the Floating Pavilion to be moved. Since the Municipality itself was going to construct a large jetty park and there was no longer any space for the Floating Pavilion in the Rijnhaven, the plan has been adjusted to the current one.

Wrap boat

The initiator is Sander Waterval, founder and co-owner of The Red Apple Marina in the center of Rotterdam. He is the creator of the Wikkelboats. These are sustainably manufactured tiny house boats which can be used multifunctionally as a pop-up store, meeting room, living room or overnight place. Two of these are already in The Red Apple Marina and have received worldwide media attention in the past three years.

Cooperation partners

Floating Rotterdam will collaborate with many parties: including the Municipality of Rotterdam, LantarenVenster, Katendrecht District Council, Sportmonding Rijnmond and 010Sports. Together it is ensured that appropriate programming is put in place on and around the jetty park. The Wikkelboats can act as a base for this

The Wikkelboats in the Rijnhaven can now be booked on this page. The Wikkelboats are available from July 1!