De Wikkelboat in de pers

In May 2017 the first Wikkelboat sailed into our harbor!

Wikkelboat is a unique concept, based on the Wikkelhouse, an ingenious and sustainable, purely Dutch Design tiny house. We made it sailable and designed the interior packed with all amenities you could wish.  Check this animation to see how the interior is set up or check this video how it was essambled in just one day.

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First impression of Wikkelboat

Only one month left...now a first impression of the inside of the unique Wikkelboat! Thanks to Leon Van Lier, our great designer and producer of some unique handmade art objects in our Wikkelboat. During summer weekends the small room, pantry (with good coffee machine!), bathroom and terrace (with huge luxurous weather proof loungeset) is open for our berth holders and full house can be rented with a 30-50% discount by them as well. Please inform if interested!As our own booking site is not yet available temporarily reservations can be made here: https://www.airbnb.nl/rooms/17634182

Geplaatst door The Red Apple Marina op Dinsdag 11 april 2017
TV-broadcast 21/3/2020 RTBF "Une brique dans le ventre"

A TV report in the program "Une brique dans le ventre" at Belgian RTBF about our Wikkelboats in The Red Apple Marina, Rotterdam city centre. In 2 weeks it will be also broadcasted at TV5Monde.

Geplaatst door Wikkelboat op Zaterdag 21 maart 2020