In May 2017 the first Wikkelboat sailed into our harbor!

Wikkelboat is a unique concept, based on the Wikkelhouse, an ingenious and sustainable, purely Dutch Design tiny house. We made it sailable and designed the interior packed with all amenities you could wish.  Check this animation to see how the interior is set up or check this video how it was essambled in just one day.

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Rottergem #32 | Wikkelboat

Rottergem #32 | WikkelboatMaak kans op een overnachting in één van de meest bijzondere plekken van Rotterdam. 🛌

Geplaatst door Rotterdam Binnenstad op Donderdag 8 februari 2018

Some videos broadcasted in last period:

Local TV: RTV Rijnmond

Dutch TV: RTL4 Koffietijd

Wikkelboats can also be rent (from €125) in daytime (12-17h) for (business) lunch, meetings, etc.  Maximum Capacity per boat: 15 persons

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