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Wikkelboats are tiny houseboats that are multifunctional and sustainably furnished. On a Wikkelboat you can relax and spend the night, but you can also have a great meeting.

Experience how a tiny houseboat, despite or perhaps thanks to the limited space, inspires you to start thinking differently about living and the amount of required items.

Why is it called a Wikkelboat? The top of the boat is wrapped in 24 layers of corrugated cardboard, making the boat not only very light but also well insulated in terms of sound and temperature. Around it is a kind of raincoat and around it is a wooden covering layer.

The underside is made of aluminum and this also includes the air conditioning and water drainage. The boat can sail, but this only happens occasionally so is not available to guests.

In 2020 we are expanding the number of Wikkelboats and are still looking for special places in city ports in the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you know a nice place where we could possibly moor? Contact us and if we succeed you can spend the weekend there for free!

Discover Rotterdam in a very special way in the Wikkelboat. In the heart of the city center a short walk from all the hotspots and restaurants of Rotterdam. Enjoy the harbor.

1 month ago
Organization Songfestival declares Rotterdam a host city

So proud our city hosts the Euovision this year! Book now a Wikkelboat as your base to explore Rotterdam and the other unique spots in The Netherlands, you will definitely fall in love :-)

With this commercial the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest announced on Friday the city where the Song Festival will be held in 2020.

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Enthusiastic experiences of our visitors

What a fantastic experience, we enjoyed the great location, the hosts are friendly and helpful. Tiny house, great experience

Emma Wilson -

Meeting at an inspiring top location, organization has arranged everything beautifully

Anton van Vliet - Launchup

We were looking for a good base for our annual visit to North Sea Jazz, after enjoying an evening of enjoying music, recovering again in our own Tiny house, wonderful

Pierre van Oosteren - Ghia van Helsingen

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