How cool that you are going to experience the Rotterdam water on one of our SUPs/kayaks/canoes/pedal boats!

To keep it fun and safe for everyone, we ask every user to respect the following game rules and to explicitly agree to them:

– Always look around you – shipping can arrive and not looking can lead to dangerous situations

– ALWAYS wear a life jacket during water recreation activities

– Swimming is prohibited, but you are in possession of a swimming diploma

– NEVER GO on the Maas…this is life-threatening – stay in the inner harbour, it is large and special enough!

– In the Rijnhaven: Stay within the area as shown below: during the day until 7 pm only in Zone A, after 7 pm and at weekends Zone B may also be used. The blue part is a strictly forbidden area due to fast and dangerous shipping

– Using our water recreation equipment is at your own risk. As a skipper you are responsible for your activities

– Alcohol and drug use before or during water recreation is strictly prohibited

– Take it quietly, no music and shouting on the water – we like to stay friends with the neighbors 🙂

– Any damage to or loss of items will be reported to us immediately by you and reimbursed to us